2 years ago

NY Office Manager Accused of Posing as Dentist for Root Canals

A New York woman faces a possible seven-year prison sentence for allegedly posing as a dentist named "Dr. Val" and performing dental procedures on patients without a license.

Valbona Yzeiraj of White Plains, New York, faces multiple charges read more...

2 years ago

Untreated Cat Hyperthyroidism - 3 Possible Consequences

If you have a sick cat, the worst thing you could do to her is neglect the disease and let her suffer, thinking that all that will go away read more...

2 years ago

Dentist Jokes

"My God! I just can't stand my son!"

"Why? Is he a dentist?"

One of the professions that is universally hated in the world is dentistry. You avoid your dentist like the plague, right until your tooth reaches such a stage where it res read more...

2 years ago

TEETH: Clues To Your Ancestry

My ten year old daughter had her first appointment with an orthodontist. As the orthodontist peered into my daughter's mouth, she said "Wow!" It was a good wow. I knew immediately she had discovered my daughter's "special tooth."

Several ye

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My Bright Smile App - Kids Share what they Learned (Unscripted)

Take the pledge, spread the word. Colgate #EveryDropCounts

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Take the pledge, spread the word. Colgate encourages you to turn La Jolla Dental Implant off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Together make every drop of water count. http://w read more...